From the 1st September of 2013 Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS) starts the implementation of 7th Framework Programme project „Strengthening the research and innovative capacities of the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, the leading Baltic regional centre for drug discovery” (InnovaBalt). The general objective of the InnovaBalt project is to strengthen the multidisciplinary research capacities, management of intellectual property as well as human resources in the innovative drug discovery at LIOS.

The workplan of InnovaBalt includes the following activities:

•  The upgrading of research infrastructure at LIOS,
•  Organization of important trans/international conferences and seminars in Riga,
•  Promotion of the exchange of experience and collaboration with leading European research centres,
•  Re-emigration of experienced researchers to Latvia.

The implementation of these activities will ensure the contribution of LIOS in the socio-economic development of Baltic region and the realization of LIOS potential in European Research Area.

Total costs of project are 5,262 million euro, contribution of European Commission is 4,707 million euro. This is the largest FP7 project implemented in Latvia thus far. Duration of project 42 months.

The overall organization of InnovaBalt project