WP5 Management of IPR


WP leader Prof. Ivars Kalvins

  • To increase the innovation potential at the national, regional and trans/international levels to give contribution to the economic growth in the area of innovative medicine;
  • To improve knowledge of researchers (both early stage and experienced) and stakeholders from the pharmaceutical industry on Intellectual property rights (IPR), their management and technology transfer issues;
  • To strengthen the long-lasting collaboration between LIOS and end-users (industry) to ensure the technology transfer for the innovative drug development targeted to the challenges in health area.

The strategy of WP5 is based  on 3 principles

  • development – by providing the strategic Intellectual Property development plan for the effective management of IPR and efficient technology transfer process;
  • collaboration –with governmental institutions, research, academia, industry, technology transfer centres and other stakeholders on the issues of innovation and IPR; by networking with partnering organizations;  
  • awareness – by training and education of experienced and early stage researchers as well as entrepreneurs on the IPR and technology transfer issues.

Recruited staff

Kristine Capase Jastrzembska, IP manager, has her professional background in technical and legal patent expertise of patent applications, monitoring of registered patents and carrying patent search in Patent office of the Republic of Latvia and JSC Grindex. Mrs Capase Jastrzembska is graduate of Riga Technical university and holds master degree of engineering sciences in chemical engineering.

Trainings on IPR issues

October 27-28, 2014 Training seminar „Intellectual property rights management and commercialization processes” will take place in hotel „Avalon”, 13.Janvara str. 19, Riga.
Lecturer: Monika Kavaliauske, Steinbeis Team Northeast (Germany).
For more detailed information please contact Dace Tirzite (e-mail: tirzite@latnet.lv).

Seminar Agenda

Workshop "Knowledge2innovation"

April 27-28, 2016 Workshop on Intellectual Property rights (IPR) „Knowledge2innovation” will take place in hotel „Avalon”, 13 Janvara street 19, Riga.

Lecturers: Adrian Gex-Collet (European Patent Office), David Loretto(Plougmann&Vingtoft), Monika Kavaliauske (Vilnius University), Joaquin Guinea (Innovatec), Michele Dubbini (Eurice GmbH).


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Organizing Secretary:
Kristine Capase-Jastrzembska
Phone: +371-67014877
E-mail: Kristine_capase@osi.lv

IP Development plan