WP4 Events

Biophysical methods

Seminar  "Biophysical methods in drug discovery" will take place on September 22, 2015. Venue: Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, conference hall.


June 5, 2015 Seminar “Molecular modeling in drug discovery” will take place in Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis


Seminar series "Biophysical Methods in Drug Discovery" focus on the use of biophysical methods for ligand screening, protein-ligand complex characterization and studies of mechanism of action. It includes three seminars covering applications of

  • nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR),
  • surface plasmon resonance (SPR),
  • modelling and X-ray crystallography

On 27th January 2014 the first seminar devoted to NMR application took place in Latvian Institute or Organic Synthesis.

Agenda of seminar