WP5 Management of IPR


WP leader Prof. Ivars Kalvins

  • To increase the innovation potential at the national, regional and trans/international levels to give contribution to the economic growth in the area of innovative medicine;
  • To improve knowledge of researchers (both early stage and experienced) and stakeholders from the pharmaceutical industry on Intellectual property rights (IPR), their management and technology transfer issues;
  • To strengthen the long-lasting collaboration between LIOS and end-users (industry) to ensure the technology transfer for the innovative drug development targeted to the challenges in health area.

The strategy of WP5 is based  on 3 principles

  • development – by providing the strategic Intellectual Property development plan for the effective management of IPR and efficient technology transfer process;
  • collaboration –with governmental institutions, research, academia, industry, technology transfer centres and other stakeholders on the issues of innovation and IPR; by networking with partnering organizations;  
  • awareness – by training and education of experienced and early stage researchers as well as entrepreneurs on the IPR and technology transfer issues.