WP1 Staff exchange


WP Leader Dr.Arkady Sobolev

Exchange of know-how and experience via  two-way secondments of experienced scientists and young scientists between the LIOS and leading scientific institutions in the ERA

- To promote the exchange of experience and to know-how ,
- to build the capacity of LIOS researchers by obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills
- to strengthen the networking with partner organizations to ensure the long lasting further cooperation
– to explore the opportunities for building of lasting networks,
– to gain the access to complementary equipment, data observations and ideas.

There are identified 4 main goals for the program of the two-way secondments:

  • Improving expertise in biophysical chemistry, in silico drug discovery and protein production for structural studies,
  • Improving expertise in modern process chemistry, green chemistry and organic synthesis methods development for drug discovery,
  • Improving of test systems for pharmacological characterization of drugs and advanced drug delivery forms,
  • Exchange of experience in research & innovation management and technology transfer.