Thumb bone structure

On the tip of the phalanx is a bulbous tuft of bone that helps give the finger its rounded appearance. Ulnohumeral arthritis can cause pain and make it difficult to bend and straighten the elbow. The bones have a crystalline construction embedded with mineral and live cells that maintain and repair the skeleton.

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Thumb bone structure
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It is a part of the ulna bone and makes the point of the elbow. Like the radius, breaking the thumb bone structure bone is a common reason for problems with the ulna. The part of the scaphoid without cartilage is attached to ligaments and thumb bone structure blood vessels that come from the radial artery. This is largely due to the unusual shape of the base of the metacarpal and the trapezium. Sternoclavicular joint SC The sternoclavicular joint is the junction of the sternum breastbone and clavicle collarbone.

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Thumb bone structure

The index and middle finger metacarpals have very little motion, while the metacarpals of the ring and little finger move much more. Clavicle fractures typically happen after a fall or other significant trauma. The middle phalanx has joints with the proximal phalanx and with the distal phalanx of the finger. It is one of the attachment points for the ligament thumb bone structure in carpal tunnel syndrome.

Thumb bone structure
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